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Our Products

Our Products

The products from bog oak can range from small ornaments to gigantic pictures. Experts create true works of art with original carving and setting with precious and semi-precious stones (amber, diamonds, pearls, mother of pearl) and metals (gold, platinum, etc.). Moreover bog oak can easily be decorated. It is used as thin lines and small pieces as in a mosaic.

As a result we have handmade exclusive furniture items, interior items and original souvenirs, company souvenirs, caskets, chess, backgammon, billiard cues, beads, walking sticks, business card holders, table sets and frames for diplomas. Elite wines and cognacs vatted in barrels of various sizes and ages will look great in an expensive package of bog oak.

Thus, the products from a real bog oak can meet the most exquisite taste and can be called a work of art.

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