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The sixth day of the new moon

5/30/2009 9:48:32 AM

The Royal Oak Pieces Fair was arranged in Moscow for the first time in sixty years. Various royal oak pieces, including souvenirs and furniture created in different styles, from modern to baroque, were exhibited at the Fair. On entering the Fair from Lubyanka Prospekt, the visitors were taken back a hun-dred years in time. Troikas, horse wagons, young couples wearing old-fashioned clothes, valets and butlers – all created the early 20th century atmosphere. On the ground floor, the cabinet makers were skillfully carving various pieces from royal oak demonstrating their craftsmanship to visitors. On the first floor, the visitors to the Fair could partake of the buffet and enjoy a virtuoso performance of classical music. In this pleasant environment, the visitors familiarized themselves with the collection. At the Fair, Roayl Oak Corporation showed a documentary film about royal oak extracting, its history and merits. Visitors could see samples of royal oak pieces and black oak furniture and could participate in a lottery arranged by Andris Liyepa, the famous choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater and Alexander Oleshko, the actor. The winners received a royal oak billiard cue a gift, a royal oak jewelry box and a royal oak chess set.

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