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Our Certificates

Formation of bog oak deposit depends on some necessary conditions: oak forests in flood-lands, speed of the river current favourable for the process of mineralization, saturation of water with metal salts, composition of the river alluvium and time factor. It follows from this that bog oak is really a unique material because the probability of coincidence of the above-listed factors is rather low. Depending on quantity of iron salts in the water, tannin agents in wood and also the period of staying under the water oak may change its color from white-pink (over 400 years) to black (1000-2000 years).

Coloration of the inner layers of oak is explained by the fact that the water contains dissolved mineral salts of metal oxides. These salts penetrates into the wood during the process of water filtration and enters into chemical compound with tannin contained only in oak. Like noble and elite wines bog oak obtains such unique properties as strength, durability and texture due to the process of long-term conditioning.

Documentary confirmation issued by the Institute of Geography of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation where sample analysis by rediocarbon and dendrochronological methods are carried out surves as an effective criterion of bog oak age, in witness whereof the above said document is issued.

Bog oak deposits are officially known and acknowledged; certification is an integral part of our work. Certificate of conformance issued by our enterprise is the principal evidence of genuineness and quality. It confirms not only our personal responsibility but reputation of our firm. It is the point of honour for us to uphold our reputation as well as replace any woodworks under warranty in case of need.

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