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Bog Oak: Uniqueness


Every plant raised on earth has its own energy. Every natural thing that is running through the second life possesses a feature to give energy to people. Every single thing that was recreated owing to human labour and love holds and multiplies this energy and becomes not only functional and aesthetic object but the very natural resource where the power of nature is increased by the secret power of being.

Bog oak is an excellent example of it. Not without reason there were lots of legends in Russia about the miraculous healing owing to items made of bog oak. Any pieces of interior around us made of bog oak possess vital energy and feed us with vital forces.

Since ancient times black oak was used as a prestige and durable finishing material in furniture and jeweller’s industries. It served for production of the most expensive furniture and parquet for the royal palaces. Boxes and small carved angels were given to ladies on wedding and name days. Decorative boxes for accessories and life items were solemnly given to their husbands for honourable services. These souvenirs as well as family jewels were passing from generation to generation. Everyone who had a chance to hold it in hands acknowledges that these woodworks keep not only a beauty given by nature and workmanship but also a historical memory.

Natural originality of each peace of this tree shows that any work of art made of bog oak exists in one examplar only. The master’s main idea is to emphasize the natural texture and peculiarities of the oak. Colorant is never used in the process of manufacture of different production and everything we see is natural colors of bog oak gained during mineralization process. It is a hard and intensive working process – any mistake may cause a failure. On the other hand, every finished thing - whether it is a piece of furniture, interior goods or souvenirs - it is original and it’s obvious every time you touch it or just look at it.

Thanks to the men’s efforts which combine enthusiasm and possession of traditions day by day any woodworks made of bog oak gain more and more real connoisseurs. Experts completely acknowledge that the woodworks they possess are not only unique but created without any harm to environment.

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