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Bog Oak: Three Lifes

Three Lifes

Bog oak is the most rare wood in the world and precious material in every cell and grey cloudy of which live its own History. Unlike the other trees bog oak has passed through two lives on the Earth: plant life that is full of the energy of growth and strength and secret life under the water hidden from the sun and glances. The second life started many centuries ago when rivers were changing their beds under the influence of intergalactic laws. Time washed out shores and the trees of riverside oak- woods were found under the water and remained there until they were discovered by a man. One day when a man got it out of water and tried to work with it he was astonished at its beauty and strength. He kept on admiring and wondering what misterious power turned oak into enigmatic material with hard, smoke-coloured, lively and unique texture inside and covered with jagged coal peaces outside. So, he began to find the answers on his questions working with bog oak and giving it the third life...

Nowadays different pieces of furniture and souvenirs made of bog oak centures ago take honorary places in museums of fine arts and antiquarian salons all over the world.

No one foreign furniture plants can offer woodworks of high quality made of natural bog oak. It is a prerogative of the Russian masters only. As from the beginning of the millennium to nowadays all ancient oak forests were destroyed Russia is the only place where bog oak resources still can be found.

Recent Milestones