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Bog Oak: Processing


Bog oak is a material which is quite capricious, it is able to lose its natural beauty and properties just for a couple hours if it happens to be left on the open air. Oak trunk must be cut in the course of a few days, otherwise it becomes unusable. It is one of its features well-known to experts-cabinetmakers only.

Even ordinary wood needs drying. Bog oak drying process is a long and laborious work which should be done without any failures. If the process is performed in improper way sooner or later internal strain will turn to cracks. Bog oak needs to be dried in conditions close to natural: not much dry air, wind and moisture – all these can be provided in special chamber only. On completion of the drying process which lasts a few years, only a minimum percent of the whole produced quantity of wood is applicable for further application. Then, the material is selected and classified by size, color, density and texture for further production of unique works of art.

No wonder that only real experts can make goods of bog oak considering complexity of the process of wood processing. They are directly interested in their reputation and any respected firm-manufacturer will provide its production with certificate to guarantee the quality and authenticity of products.

Recent Milestones